Our Mission

Sibec is an individual company of industrial services that in partnership with reliable and competitive Italian and European
producers,supplies a range of products across various industrial sectors.
Sibec was born in the year 2010 from the experience of Ing. Attilio Beccaria that has worked and works actually in various
industrial metal sectors.

The business sectors of Sibec are: aluminium as commodities and semi finished goods, metallic carpentry, various ferrous
and non ferrous commodities.

As aluminium, Sibec through its Italian and European partner producers, can supply aluminium
billets, secondary aluminium ingots mainly for high pressure die casting, primary aluminium ingots, primary alloyed aluminium ingots
and primary off grade aluminium ingots.

As metallic carpentry, Sibec through its Italian and European partner producers, can supply
steel metal carpentry as civil structures ( warehouses for industrial companies for example ) and industrial steel metal carpentry
as part of machineries, basements, cases and other steel welded parts. As ferrous and not ferrous commodities, we actually deal Silicon
metal in the grade for the aluminium foundries.

The mainly purpose of Sibec,through its experience and knowledge, is to offer to its
customers the requested products at competitive prices and of quality selectioning its various suppliers based on the customers
requirements for a specific product. We're here to stay. You can find in Sibec and excellent and reliable business and industrial partner.

Ing. Attilio Beccaria

I have  obtained a 5 year master degree in Industrial engineering at the university of Brescia in the year 2000.
I have started to work in my  fathers company near Brescia, that produced steam boilers, steam generators  and hot water boilers plus various steel metal carpentry until we outsourced the production in Cluj-Napoca, Romania where I have worked for some years. I then came back to Italy and opened an invidividual company  to assist technically and commercially, various Italian suppliers of the sector.

In the year 2010 I have also started to assist an Italian company involved in the production of aluminium billets for it's sales in Italy and abroad and it is dealing as not core business activity aluminium ingots both primary than secondary.

In the year 2013 I have assisted for the foreign market another Italian foundry producer of aluminium ingots.
Now I have a certain experience in the market of aluminium related products as ingots and billets and I’m working as technical and sale assistant for various companies of the sector.
The competences, the hard work, the ethic and the respect of word given are my values.