Industrial Furnaces

Through our reliable Italian partner since 30 years in the sector, we can supply full industrial furnaces of various typologies for the treatment of steel ( carbon steel and stainless steel ), aluminium and other non ferrous alloys. We can produce and supply full industrial furnaces from the design, construction of metal, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, software, to the set up, "key in hand",for:

1)      The austenitization and cementing treatment

2)      The nitriding, carbonitriding and oxy-carbonitriding (pre/post oxidation)

3)      The solubilization of stainless steels

4)      The solubilization and aging of aluminum alloys

5)      The annealing of copper alloy tubes

6)      The annealing, decarbonising and bluing of magnetic sheets

7)      The tempering, annealing, stress relieving and tempering

8)      The generation of protective atmospheres and fuels

9)      The handling and in way of the loads to treat

10)   The treatment of smokes from thermal treatment processes

11)   The automation and control of thermal treatments