Aluminium Scraps

We can provide aluminum scraps of various typology according to the ISRI classifications and the Italian and European market.

The main typologies we can grant are usually aluminium scrap turnings, blank profiles from the extrusion press, painted profiles, sheets, wires, AlCu radiators and carters.

The alloys of the scraps of various types come from the different original uses of the parts, so for example for the Al scraps profile the alloy is mainly the most common for extruded profiles as the EN AW 6060 and series 6XXX in general, while the alloys of the carters are mainly EN AB 46000.

Other two types we can provide are : aluminium shredded scraps by flotation and aluminium scraps from incenerition plants.

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In the table of this page you can have more detailed information about the chemical analysis.

ISRI Codification