Steel Welded Pieces

Through our reliable Italian and European partners we can supply steel metal welded pieces for various sectors from medium-light to heavy metal carpentry. The weight of the pieces can go from 150 Kg to 20 Tons, according to the different suppliers used.

The pieces can be supplied welded only or with the cycle of thermal treatment, sand blasting with epoxy/bi-component primer and a final painting RAL colour and thickness according to the customers request. We can weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. As welding equipment we can weld in MIG / MAG, TIG and SAW ( submerged arc welding ).

We have a roll bending machine ( calender ) that can bend steel plates in thickness of 30 mm maximum, 3000 mm width. Capacity of the overhead cranes are: 5 Tons, 10 Tons, 20 Tons and we can provide the pieces fully finished by CNC maching through our local partnersif requested.

CNC machining can be made up to 18000 mm in length as CNC milling. CNC boring, turning ( vertical and horizontal ), surface grinding can be made on medium heavy pieces. For the past jobs and pieces built you can have a look at the image gallery of this website.

It's important to note that Sibec is a company of industrial services where its goal is to identify and propose the right supplier according to the customer request and technical specifications requirements and in function of the ratio quality/price wanted.

So Sibec can propose fully quality certified suppliers that has a certain global hourly labour cost and small medium companies thta works well the same, without many quality certifications, but that have another global hourly labour cost.

If you have a request of quotation or a free evaluation about a potential job, please contact us also sending drawings via email if necessary.